Argentina: Social Movements and Human Rights


“My homestay experience was incredible and one of the best parts of [my] semester abroad. I had a great family that engaged me in the culture and this is where I could see my language skills grow." 

—Program alum

Argentine village homestay

The Argentina: Social Movements and Human Rights program includes both an urban and rural homestay, giving students the opportunity to experience  two very different Argentine communities. Homestays provide students with exceptional access to the culture and daily life of their host families and offer further context for language and thematic coursework.

Buenos Aires
Students live with a family in Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital and largest city, for six weeks. Buenos Aires offers an outstanding array of cultural assets and offerings, which many students enjoy together with their families. Most host families are middle class and live in apartments or small houses in the city. All students live in the Capital Federal District. 

Rural homestay
During the excursion to Patagonia, students immerse themselves in rural indigenous life by staying two days with a Mapuche community in the beautiful Patagonian mountains where they participate in community life and daily activities. The rural homestay gives students the opportunity to experience another kind of lifestyle, completely opposite to the one in Buenos Aires, and to better understand the challenges faced by rural communities in Argentina.

Other accommodations during the program include small hotels and hostels.

Costs Dates

Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Buenos Aires

Language Study: Spanish

Prerequisites: 3 semesters Spanish and relevant coursework.


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