Switzerland: International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy (Summer)

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"I recently received the opportunity to intern for the UN Foundation in New York, an opportunity I don't think  would have been possible were it not for my experience with SIT in Switzerland. This program was truly life changing and has set me on a career path I am passionate about and wish to pursue in the future. SIT is a great program!"

—Spencer Schloss, University of Virginia

International Committee of the Red Cross

The program analyzes the evolution of multilateral diplomacy in contemporary international relations.

Program base in Geneva
Engage and network with international experts.
The international environment of Geneva offers students a unique opportunity to interact with leading experts and academics at a wide variety of international organizations and research centers. Students attend lectures and briefings at international agencies throughout the city.

Students also have the chance to develop their networking skills to complement their independent project in which they conduct interviews with subject matter experts. In conducting interactive research, students gain practical experience for their academic and professional development and begin creating a solid professional network.

Students gain access to numerous institutional libraries, documentation centers, and think tanks, containing excellent research material and information.

Thematic seminar on international studies and multilateral diplomacy
The program features a 3-credit seminar. Lecturers are drawn from academic and research institutes and NGOs as well as UN and other international agencies. Lecturers provide students with concrete illustrations of multilateral diplomacy in the areas of security and geopolitics, conflict management, international humanitarian law, complex emergencies, development, environment, migration, and human rights.

Intensive French language component
Students receive intensive instruction in French in small-group formats with an emphasis on speaking and comprehension skills.

Independent project on international studies and multilateral diplomacy
In the latter half of the program, students conduct an  independent project on a subject related to international studies and multilateral diplomacy in order to examine a topic of particular interest to them in depth.

Past research projects have included:

  • The Evolution of US-Iranian Relations: Options for the Future
  • Regional Organizations in Africa and their Impact on Peace-building and Conflict Resolution: A Case Study of the Influence of ECOWAS in Liberia and SADC in Zimbabwe
  • ICRC’s Evolved Legal and Cultural Sensitivity with the Development of Intra-State Warfare
  • Agricultural Subsidies and their Effects on Development in the Global South
  • Indigenous Knowledge as an Adaptive Solution to Climate Change
  • Lost Control: Pursuits of Individual Migrants from the Third World vs. Regulatory Policies of the North, with a focus on African Migration to the European Union
  • The Theoretical Applications of Asylum Law within Gender Regimes: A Case Study of Femicide in Guatemala

Costs Dates

Credits: 9

Duration: 6 weeks

Program Base: Geneva

Language Study: French

Prerequisites: None required, but students with at least basic French proficiency will be at a linguistic advantage. Read more...


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