Tanzania: Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology

Faculty and Staff

Reese Matthews, Academic Director

Reese Matthews, Academic Director
Reese Matthews has an MS in science education from the University of Southern Mississippi and an MS in technology and science policy from the School of Social Sciences and Philosophy at Georgia Tech, where his thesis focused on alternative environmental resource management policies for Antarctica. Reese was a US Peace Corps volunteer (1989–1991) at Lomahasha Central High School in Swaziland, teaching science and biology classes and setting up a school library and senior science laboratory. He was the academic director for the SIT Tanzania Biodiversity and Conservation program (1998–2000) and came to the Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology program in January 2001.

Oscar Pascal Nyaknya, Program Assistant
Oscar comes to the program with three years of field experience with the Tanzania Wildlife Division as a game officer. Oscar completed his academic training at Mweka College of Wildlife Management in Moshi. His practical knowledge adds a much-needed lens for students who are learning about wildlife conservation in northern Tanzania.

Mercy Kambde (Mama Juni), Office Manager
Mama Juni has been with SIT in Tanzania since 2009 and her organizational work provides a strong foundation for the program. Mercy is from the waChagga ethnic group of Kilimanjaro; she completed her administrative studies at a local college and worked extensively in Arusha before joining the SIT team.

Beatrice Mollel, Kiswahili Language Coordinator
Beatrice is the language coordinator and head Kiswahili language teacher with SIT Arusha. She has been developing the program’s Kiswahili materials and classes since 2004. Beatrice directs a capable team of five teachers and was instrumental in an East Africa–wide process of standardizing SIT’s Kiswahili language courses. Beatrice is also pursuing her BA in education at a local university.

Lecturers for this program are drawn from institutions such as:

Additional program lecturers:

  • Lazurus Likindikokoi — also known as Babu (grandfather) Liki — is a veteran wildlife expert and guide working for over three decades in the field of wildlife conservation. His work experience includes the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Authority (NCAA) and the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) where he founded the national Community Conservation Service (CCS).
  • Anthony Rapheal — also known as Bwana Ndege (Mr. Bird) — is an independent ornithologist and celebrated bird scholar in East Africa. Anthony also runs a successful private birding company in Arusha. 

Costs Dates

Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Arusha

Language Study: Kiswahili

Prerequisites: Coursework in environmental studies, biology, sociology, anthropology, or international relations Read more...


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