Spain: Language, Community, and Social Change

Faculty and Staff

Cristina Enriquez, Academic Director

Cristina Enríquez, Academic Director
Cristina Enriquez, a native of Mexico and graduate of the Escuela Bancaria y Comercial in Mexico City, earned her MA in teaching languages from SIT Graduate School (formerly the School for International Training). She has taught English and Spanish as a foreign language and has been a language and culture consultant. She was director of the Spanish Division, and chairperson for the Department of Education, at the University of the Americas; founder of the English Training Center in Puebla, Mexico; and co-founder of the Forum for Intercultural Education (ENLACES/LINKS) in Granada. She has conducted several workshops in intercultural education for teachers (TESOL, CIEE, MEXTESOL, among others). 

She has also participated as a guest speaker for the seminar on intercultural competence at the annual international session of the European Youth Parliament and was a presenter at the annual CIEE conference in Seville (fall 2006). Ms. Enriquez has taught Spanish and teaching methods at SIT Graduate Institute and has been a teacher trainer and cross-cultural coordinator for American students in Mexico. Ms. Enriquez’ work has been published in the area of language teaching.

She has been the academic director for the SIT Study Abroad program in Spain since the spring of 1986 and has been a permanent resident in Granada for more than 20 years.

Antonia Pérez Bolívar, Program Coordinator

Antonia Pérez Bolívar, Program Coordinator
Antonia holds a master’s degree in intercultural education management from SIT Graduate Institute, a BA in psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and a BA in translation and interpretation from the University of Granada. She also has completed post-graduate studies at the universities of Edinburgh and Montpelier. Antonia has broad professional experience in both Europe and the United States. She is a conference interpreter for CELEI, World Learning, and other organizations, and coordinates the study abroad programs in Granada for SIT Study Abroad and The Experiment in International Living. She is a teacher of English, Spanish as a foreign language, and intercultural communication. She develops and executes educational programs as well as workshops and teacher training courses. She teaches thematic seminars for the SIT Study Abroad program in Granada. In the spring of 2013, Antonia served as the program’s acting co-academic director.

Antonia has been director of the Center for Languages and Intercultural Education (CELEI) in Granada. She is also a founding member of the Intercultural Education Forum.

She has presented at specialized forums in the field of international education and training. Antonia has also published specialized articles in the fields of intercultural training, the practicum as a learning tool, and service learning.

Antonio Gutiérrez Magaña, Language Coordinator

Antonio Gutiérrez Magaña, Language Coordinator
Antonio Gutierrez holds a BA in English studies from the University of Granada; he also has studied philosophy, classical languages (Latin and Greek), and modern languages (French and Russian). Antonio has extensive experience abroad, including extended stays in the US, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, France, and Italy. He has worked as a Spanish teacher for Bennington College, World Learning, and for the SIT Study Abroad program in Granada. He has 20 years of experience as an English teacher in primary, secondary, and professional education in Spain. He has taken part in exchange programs in Ireland and Italy within the European Comenius and Socrates programs.

Currently, he is the language coordinator for the SIT Study Abroad program in Granada and the co-manager of The Experiment in International Living’s summer programs in southern Spain.

Belén Pérez Bolívar, Homestay Coordinator
Belén studied office administration and English in the United Kingdom. She has extensive experience working with communities and host families for foreign students and carries out orientation sessions for host families. Currently, she is the secretary of the Language and Intercultural Education Center (CELEI) and also the Granada homestay coordinator for SIT Study Abroad and The Experiment in International Living. Belén is a founding member of Enlaces-Links.

Juan Fernando Santos Flores, Spanish Language Teacher
Juan Fernando Santos holds a master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and a BA in Spanish Studies both from the University of Granada. He has done doctoral studies in pragmatics. Juan Fernando Santos has extensive professional experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language. He has worked in Don Quijote Granada and currently teaches Spanish as a foreign Language for SIT Study Abroad and The Experiment in International Living. He is a founding member of Enlaces-Links.

Julio Bolivar Bolivar, Spanish Language Teacher
Julio has a master’s degree in contemporary culture with a concentration in literature, arts, and communication from the University of Madrid. He also has a graduate degree in tourism management and administration from the University of Granada. Julio also completed a trilingual proficiency course in France. He has worked as an English teacher with the programs Cultural Linguistic Immersion and Aprende inglés hablando. Julio is currently a Spanish instructor for the SIT Study Abroad program in Spain. He is also the creator of "Online English", an English manual produced in collaboration with CELEI and the Institute of Business and Innovation. He is involved in local cultural programs, e.g., he has served as the coordinator of the Granada Jazz Festival and the Jazz en la Costa Festival.

Fabiola Labella Rivas, Spanish Language Teacher
Ms. Labella holds a BA in Spanish studies as well as a degree in librarian and documentation studies, both from the University of Granada. She has extensive professional experience analyzing sixteenth–eighteenth century publications. She also has many years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language and has taught for the SIT Study Abroad program in Spain for many years.

Regina García amírez, Student Affairs Coordinator
Regina Garcia has a master’s in business administration from the University of Granada and has specific expertise in quality management and marketing. She gives lectures to young entrepreneurs. Regina is a promoter of European Projects with CELEI and a member of AIESEC, an international organization that promotes youth leadership. She has worked in the student services department for university programs at CELEI.

In her role as student affairs coordinator, Regina is the main contact for SIT students at the SIT center in Granada where she also performs general office duties.

Sampling of the lecturers for this program:

Mª Luisa Hernández Ríos, PhD
Mª Luisa Hernández Ríos holds a doctorate in art history from the University of Granada. She is a member of Grupo de Investigación de Didáctica in the social sciences at the university’s School of Education Sciences. She is an expert presenter in the fields of culture, social change, education, and Spanish art and has published multiple books, articles, and conference papers. She takes part in university investigatory teams and was charged with the creation of an inventory of Catholic Church and University of Granada art property. She currently coordinates the master’s of cultural management program practicum organized by the universities of Granada and Seville.

Antonio Ortega Santos, PhD
Antonio Ortega holds a PhD from the University of Granada and is a full professor in the Contemporary History Department in the Humanities Faculty at the same university. Dr. Ortega has been a post-doctorate researcher at the Ecology Institute (UNAM, Mexico) and Yale University. Currently, he coordinates the “Contemporary History of Spain” course for SIT Study Abroad as well as the international doctorate/master’s program in contemporary social and political history organized by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía in collaboration with the universities of Granada, Jaén, and Pablo Olavide in Seville. He has been a coordinating professor of the master’s in cooperation and development at the Center for Development Cooperation Initiatives, University of Granada, in collaboration with NGOs from various areas of Africa and Latin America. He is also a member of the Sociedad Española de Historia Agraria (S.E.H.A.), the European Society of Environmental History, and the Latin American and Caribbean Society of Environmental History.

Nieves Ortega Pérez
Nieves Ortega holds a PhD in socio-political analysis of contemporary society from the University of Granada. She holds an M.A. in political science and administration and a BA in political science and sociology from the University of Granada. She was a professor at the University of Jaén from 2005-2008 in the departments of Public Administration and Tourism. She is currently a professor at the University of Granada in the departments of Political Science and Sociology. She also directed a master’s program at the University of Jaen. Her fields of expertise include: Spanish Mediterranean and EU politics, pluralism in political institutions in the Mediterranean, equalitarian opportunities and conciliatory politics, the Islamic world, and immigration studies. She is a member of the Research Group of Specialized Studies of the Mediterranean and Muslim World of the University of Jaen. She has published numerous articles in professional journals and book chapters on the aforementioned subjects.

Other lecturers may include:

César Elvira Peña
César Elvira Peña has a doctorate in biology from the University of Santiago de Compostela. He co-founded Ciempiés (Centro Integral de Estudios Medio ambientales) in Granada. César has collaborated on the Andalusia Study Seminar with SIT Study Abroad since 1999.

Enrique López
Enrique holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from the Universidad de la Complutense de Madrid. He is a writer, an organic farmer, and innkeeper. He has collaborated with SIT Study Abroad on the Andalusia Study Seminar since 1996.

Fina Moreno
Fina is a professional flamenco dancer and a flamenco dance teacher. Fina is a well known local artist and has collaborated with SIT Study Abroad programs in the past.

Costs Dates

Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Granada

Language Study: Spanish

Prerequisites: One semester Spanish.

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