SIT/Hendrix College Rwanda Consortium: Semester Study Abroad Program

Faculty and Staff

Apollon Kabahizi, Program Director
Apollon Kabahizi is a Rwandan and Belgian national and a survivor of the Rwanda genocide. He has a background in arts, graphic design, and advertizing. His main focus has been genocide awareness and memorial-related activities, which has given him extensive experience working with local and international agencies in coordinating significant projects in Rwanda. He has studied and worked throughout Africa and Europe.

As Rwanda country coordinator for Aegis Trust (2002–2003), Apollon spearheaded the concept, design, and construction of both the Kigali Memorial Centre and the Murambi Genocide Prevention Centre. He later served as Aegis Trust’s Rwanda country manager (2004–2006); in that role, his duties included managing the Kigali Memorial Centre and fundraising for various Aegis Trust projects in Rwanda.

Prior to this, Apollon worked for University College of London’s Development Planning Unit and taught genocide prevention at the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre in the UK. Apollon is the founder of SURF (Survivors Funds UK) where he served as trustee and member of the organization’s management committee (1998–2000). Inspired by his personal and professional experiences, Apollon remains committed to an historically accurate and sensitive memorialization of Rwanda’s recent history.

Apollon also has worked as a consultant with the Campaign Against Genocide for the Rwandan Parliament; as a fundraiser with the Austria Development Agency Gacaca documentation project; and as a coordinator with Human Remains Preservation, a joint project between Cranfield University and the Rwandan government.

Apollon was instrumental in setting up SIT Study Abroad’s Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding semester program in Rwanda. He has worked with the program in the capacity of program coordinator for the past three years. In addition to this role, Apollon is the program director for the spring semester SIT Hendrix program.

Students will have access to local, national, and international networks and resources. They can expect to learn from local university professors, researchers, nongovernmental organization leaders, community members, local professionals— including business owners and entrepreneurs—and others.

Lecturers for the program may be drawn from institutions such as:

  • National University of Rwanda, Butare
  • International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Kigali
  • National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, Kigali
  • Rwanda Governance Advisory Council, Kigali
  • École Amis des Enfants, Kigali
  • Justice and Peace Commission, Gulu, Uganda
  • Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
  • Gulu University, Gulu, Uganda
  • The Entrepreneurship Center – Makerere University Business School
  • Theatre for Peace Project, Kampala, Uganda
  • Foundations for International Community Assistance (FINCA - Uganda)
  • United Nations Development Organization, Master Craftsman Program
  • Uganda Bureau of Statistics
  • Private Sector Foundation Uganda, Business Uganda Development Scheme
  • Uganda Women’s Entrepreneurs Association Limited
  • Technoserve, Uganda
  • National Union of the Disabled Persons of Uganda
  • Mukono Women’s Entrepreneurship Networks and Associations
  • Kabarole Research and Resource Center – Fort Portal
  • Kamwenge Development Agency
  • Caritas Relief Agency, Gulu, Uganda
  • Capital Markets Uganda
  • Rural Credit Finance
  • Uganda Micro Entreprises Association