Jordan: Modernization and Social Change

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"What sets this program apart is the attention and support given to each one of us. The SIT staff has been unbelievable in meeting my personal and emotional needs. All of the SIT staff contributed greatly to my experience and I hope to come back to Jordan to visit. Through SIT I really got to see the beautiful culture and traditions of Jordan."

—Annie Rupani, Boston University

Dr. Ashraf Alqudah, Academic Director

Dr. Ashraf Alqudah, Academic Director
Dr. Ashraf Alqudah holds a PhD in clinical and medical psychology from the College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida and an MA in psychology from the University of Jordan. He specializes in clinical medical psychology and the psychology of chronic pain. His area of research interest includes psychopathology, psychological treatments and psychotherapies, and psycho-social support for refugees and displaced persons. Dr. Alqudah is also affiliated with the department of psychology at the University of Jordan in Amman and has worked on projects conducted by a number of health organizations that included Doctors of the World Organization, the War Trauma Foundation, and the Antares Foundation. He is a member of the Higher Council of the Humanitarian Support Network of Jordan and the Jordanian Mental Health Licensing Committee. Since 2008, he has been involved with the SIT Modernization and Social Change program in Jordan as lecturer, ISP advisor, and then as coordinator of the Research Methods and Ethics course. Dr. Alqudah has co-authored a number of articles that appeared in refereed journals that include the Journal of Cybertherapy and Rehabilitation and the Journal of Pain Research. He is currently finishing a research project on resiliency among Iraqi refugees in Jordan. 

Dr. Raed Al-Tabini, Academic Coordinator

Dr. Raed Al-Tabini, Academic Coordinator
Dr. Raed Al-Tabini, a Jordanian national, holds a PhD (received in 2002) in arid and semi-arid land management (rangeland management) and community development from Newcastle University in the UK. He is a former deputy president of the Badia Research and Development Center (BRDC) in Jordan. Dr. Al-Tabini has managed a variety of development projects in the Middle East and North Africa on such diverse topics as community-based rangeland rehabilitation, management of scarce water resources, and development of sustainable livelihoods in agro-pastoral communities. Dr. Al-Tabini is a frequent presenter at international conferences and has published more than 25 academic papers and reports in the field of sustainable development.

Ahmad Al Rawajfeh, Administrative Assistant to the Academic Director
Ahmad Al Rawajfeh obtained his MA in public administration from the University of Jordan in 2004. He has worked at the Badia Research & Development Centre as head of public relations and community development outreach. Since fall 2009, he has been working with SIT as full-time administrative assistant to the academic director. Ahmad supports the academic director and handles the logistical and administrative aspects of the program. He also supports the students in all non-academic matters. 

Dema Matrouk Al Oun, Homestay Coordinator
Dema Al Oun has been working as a homestay coordinator with SIT Study Abroad since 2008. In this capacity, Dema assists with a wide range of homestay arrangements and also works with both students and host families on cross-cultural communication skills. She received her BA and MA in law from the University of Jordan. In addition to her work with SIT Study Abroad, Dema is an active volunteer with the National Center for Human Rights, the Jordan Center for Civil Education Studies, the Jordan Society for Human Rights, and the University of Jordan's Community Service Office. She is also involved in activities with the local community in the Northern Badia. Dema is a member of the Photographic Society of Jordan and Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Center‏.

Rania Kasab Harfoushi, Program Assistant/Student Affairs
Rania Harfoushi received her master’s degree in international business management from the University of Surrey in England in 2009 after completing her BA in business administration at the Applied Science University in Jordan. Throughout her career, she has accrued significant experience in human resources management while honing her language and cross-cultural intrapersonal skills to fit the needs of SIT’s diverse student populous. Her past experience in sports management has also helped her in dealing with a wide variety of personalities. Rania began her work here at SIT as a program assistant and is responsible for managing student affairs and helping students cope with the day-to-day challenges they face while studying abroad in Amman.

Rawan Francis Al-Samaan, Custom Program Assistant
Rawan Al-Samaan, SIT’s custom program assistant, is a lifetime resident of Amman with experience in financial management, analysis, marketing, and strategic planning. She received her bachelor’s degree in finance from the Amman Al-Ahliyeh University in Salt, Jordan, in 2008. Rawan began working with SIT Jordan in June of 2013, and has since been using her knowledge of finance and strategic planning to assist in the management of SIT’s custom study abroad programs through the institution’s college partners. 

Rima Al-Akramawi, Language Coordinator and Instructor
Rima Al-Akramawi holds a BA in English language and literature from Mutah University and is a certified translator and language proficiency interviews (LPI) tester. She started working with SIT in Amman as a language instructor in the summer of 2010. Rima has eight years of experience teaching Arabic as a second language. She has worked as a language coordinator with the Peace Corps and as an Arabic language instructor at the French Cultural Center of Amman and other Arabic language institutions. She is a co-author of Yalla Ndardesh, a modern Jordanian Arabic textbook for non-native speakers of Arabic.

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Shafie, Language Instructor
Mahmoud Al-Shafie has been a language instructor with SIT since February 2007. He received his BA in education, with a concentration in Arabic, from the University of Jordan, where he also earned a master's degree in curriculum and teaching in Arabic. He recently received his PhD in curriculum and Arabic teaching methodology at Amman Arab University. Mahmoud worked previously as an Arabic instructor for speakers of other languages at the University of Jordan's Language Center. He has published two novels, Nuzha Fee Jahannam (Picnic in Hell) and La'natu Al-Jasad (Body Curse). His other publications include the series, “Noon Wal Qalam, Teaching Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages.”

Riham Al-Naimat, Language Instructor
Riham Al-Naimat obtained a master’s degree in Arabic language and literature from Al-Albayt University in 2007. In 2009, Riham began volunteering as an SIT Jordan language instructor for intermediate high and advanced levels. In the summer of 2010, she joined SIT full time and has been teaching Modern Standard Arabic ever since. She previously worked as an Arabic instructor at the Jordanian Ministry of Education and as an Arabic instructor and language coordinator at international schools in Saudi Arabia.

Hala Alfayez, Language Instructor
Hala has a BA in law from the University of Jordan. She received training for teaching Arabic as a foreign language from the University of Jordan and Qasid Institute for Classical and Modern Standard Arabic. She worked as a language-speaking partner to American students at the American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR). Currently, she is working as an Arabic language teacher with SIT Study Abroad.

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Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Amman

Language Study: Arabic

Prerequisites: None

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