Jordan: Intensive Arabic Language Studies (Summer)

Faculty and Staff

Yasir Hamed, Academic Director

Yasir Hamed, Academic Director
Yasir Hamed is currently conducting doctoral-level research in transformative education and language learning pedagogies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst; his research is focused on the integration of immersion techniques into the teaching of foreign languages and incorporating culture into the language curriculum.

Mr. Hamed has more than 14 years’ experience teaching Arabic. He is a lecturer of Arabic at Fairfield University. He is the founder of the Arabic Language Learning Program (a private academic organization that develops new Arabic programs in area universities) in New Haven, Connecticut, and has taught Arabic at Yale University and in the Rassias Accelerated Language Programs at Dartmouth College. He has successfully developed Arabic language programs at several US institutions, including Wesleyan University, Fairfield University, and the University of New Haven. His additional research interests include experiential education, human language, and methods of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.

Mr. Hamed is a member of the National Society for Experiential Education and is a specialist in designing, developing, and leading study abroad programs to the Middle East. He is also a journalist, editor, and translator. He holds a BA from Beirut American University and a Master of Education in Instructional Technology from American Intercontinental University. He has served as the academic director of SIT's Intensive Arabic Language Studies program in Jordan since 2008.

Dema Matrouk Al Oun, Homestay Coordinator
Dema has been working as homestay coordinator with SIT Study Abroad since 2008. She assists with a wide range of homestay arrangements and works with students and host families on cross-cultural communication skills. Dema received her BA in law from the University of Jordan, where she is currently studying for her MA in law. She is an active volunteer with the National Center for Human Rights, the Jordan Center for Civil Education Studies, the Jordan Society for Human Rights, and the University of Jordan's Community Service Office.

Ahmad Al Rawajfeh, Assistant to the Academic Director
Ahmad obtained his MA in public administration from the University of Jordan in 2004. He works with SIT Study Abroad as a part-time logistical assistant, and also works part-time as a research assistant with the Royal Botanic Garden in Amman. He previously worked at Badia Research & Development Centre as head of public relations and community development outreach.

Mahmoud Al-Shafie, Language Instructor
Mahmoud has been a language instructor with SIT since February 2007. He received his BA in education, with a concentration in Arabic, from the University of Jordan, where he also earned a master's degree in curriculum and teaching in Arabic. He is currently a PhD candidate in curriculum and Arabic teaching methodology at Amman Arab University. Mahmoud worked previously as an Arabic instructor for speakers of other languages at the University of Jordan's Language Center. He has published two novels, Nuzha Fee Jahannam (Picnic in Hell) and La'natu AL-Jasad (Body Curse). His other publications include the series, “Noon Wal Qalam, Teaching Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages.”

Jumana Mohamad Attieh Al-Mahamid, Language Instructor and Coordinator
Jumana obtained her BA in French language and literature from the University of Jordan in 2003. She started teaching Modern Standard and spoken Arabic as a foreign language at the University of Jordan in 2000. Jumana has worked for several international organizations as a language instructor, including the Jordan Cement Company, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the United States Naval Academy. She also has served as an interpreter at the French Cultural Center in Amman. Jumana has developed several manuals for teaching spoken Arabic that aim to integrate the Arabic language and culture. She is currently teaching spoken Arabic with SIT Study Abroad, at the French Cultural Center, the French embassy in Amman, and the Qasid Institute for Classical and Modern Standard Arabic.

Khulood Kittaneh, Language Instructor
Khulood started working with SIT in 2002, at the very beginning of this program in Jordan. She started as an Arabic language instructor and was the Arabic language coordinator for the program from 2006 through spring 2010. Khulood has an MA in international education from the SIT Graduate institute. She was a visiting instructor at Earlham College in Indiana in 2004-2005, and she started the college’s Arabic program. She was a part-time student as well, taking courses in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, language and culture, and trainings in teaching methodology.

Khulood has written two books for teaching Jordanian colloquial Arabic. She is a teacher trainer and consultant in teaching Arabic for the Critical Language Scholarship program in Jordan, with the American Center of Oriental Research, and the Qasid Institute for Classical and Modern Standard Arabic. She is also developing a multimedia DVD for teaching the Jordanian dialect with the Amideast. During the academic year, Khulood is lecturing at New York University in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She will rejoin SIT in Jordan in the summer to teach Arabic.

Nour Al-Badawi, Language Instructor
Nour earned a BA in Arabic language and literature from the University of Jordan in 2006. Nour has been working with SIT as a language instructor since the summer of 2009. She has worked previously as a language instructor for the British Schools in Amman, as a part-time ESL tutor at the University of Jordan, and was a part-time member of the teaching staff in Arabic language and literature. She is currently working on her master's degree in teaching Arabic as a foreign language at the University of Jordan.

Riham Al-Naimat, Language Instructor
Riham obtained a master’s degree in Arabic language and literature from Al-Albayt University in 2007. She has been the language instructor at SIT for intermediate high and advanced levels since the summer of 2010. She previously worked as an Arabic instructor at the Jordanian Ministry of Education and as an Arabic instructor and language coordinator at international schools in Saudi Arabia.
Rima Al-Akramawi, Language Instructor
Rima holds a BA in English language and literature from Jordan University and is a certified translator and language proficiency interviews tester. She started working with SIT in Amman as a language instructor in the summer of 2010. Rima has eight years of experience teaching Arabic as a second language. She has worked as a language coordinator with the Peace Corps, and is currently working as an Arabic language instructor at the French Cultural Center of Amman and at the Qasid Institute for Classical and Modern Standard Arabic.

Costs Dates

Credits: 9

Duration: 7 weeks

Program Base: Amman

Language Study: Arabic

Prerequisites: None


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