India: Himalayan Buddhist Art and Architecture (Summer)

Faculty and Staff

Mary Storm, Academic Director

Mary Storm, Academic Director
Mary Storm has a PhD in Indian art history from the University of California, Los Angeles, and an MA in East Asian studies and Japanese Buddhist art from Stanford University. In a previous life, she acquired a law degree. Dr. Storm has lived and worked in India for many years, roaming the back roads of India from West Bengal to Rajasthan and from Ladakh to Tamil Nadu in search of archaeological adventure. She has taught at various American institutions as well as at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi in the School of Arts and Aesthetics. She was previously a Ford Foundation Visiting Fellow and associate professor of art history at that university.

When not teaching, researching, or working for SIT Study Abroad, she spends her time painting and writing. She loves to cook both Indian and French food and has a diplĂ´me from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. She has published numerous articles on Indian art history and is proud to report her paintings are "exhibited" on many refrigerator doors. Her book Head and Heart: Valour and Self-Sacrifice in the Art of India was published in August 2013 by Routledge. Her present research focuses on the history of Indian food and the creation of national identity.

Arjun Chauhan Singh, Program Assistant
Mr. Chauhan first joined SIT New Delhi in the fall of 2007. Mr. Chauhan is a graduate of the Delhi College of Vocational Training and is a recently certified Wilderness First Responder. He enjoys basketball, travel, music, and good food. He lives with his family in South Delhi and is the proud father of a new baby girl. 

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Credits: 8

Duration: 6 weeks

Program Base: Leh

Prerequisites: None required, but a background in history, Asian studies, religious studies, architecture, or art history is strongly recommended. Read more...


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