France: Language, Community, and Social Change

Faculty and Staff

Isabelle Jaffé, Academic Director

Isabelle Jaffé, Academic Director
Isabelle Jaffé, a resident of Toulouse with American and French citizenship, received her Licence (BA) in French and philosophy and her master's degree in literature from the University of Paris–La Sorbonne. She has been on the teaching staff of New York's Marymount College and the Alliance Française in Los Angeles, California. Ms. Jaffé has taught French and English at several institutes and colleges in Toulouse and Avignon, and served as the supervisory director for the Centre International d'Etudes et de Loisirs, overseeing the pedagogy of the French language programs. She later directed the language and culture programs at the Centre d'Etudes Linguistiques d'Avignon.

In addition to her academic positions, Ms. Jaffé has worked as a cross-cultural consultant for several firms in the Toulouse area, including Aerospatiale. Her short stories have been published in literary journals in France and her plays have been produced in theaters in Toulouse. Ms. Jaffé was a language instructor and assistant academic director for the SIT Toulouse program in the 1997-1998 academic year and has been academic director in Toulouse since 1998. In the summer of 2005, she participated in designing and running an SIT summer program on the Islamic diaspora in Europe.

In her role as academic director, Ms. Jaffé oversees every aspect of the program. In addition to designing the program's academic and field-based components, she collaborates with an extensive network of individuals and organizations affiliated with the program and works to ensure that students' academic needs are met. She also teaches the "Daily French" class.

Julia Carnine, Program Coordinator

Julia Carnine, Program Coordinator
Julia Carnine is a dual citizen of France and the US. She currently resides in Toulouse. She earned a BA in French studies with honors at Lewis and Clark College and an MA from Long Island University. Her French experience began when she was a 14-year-old student in a Parisian middle school after her mother, a French teacher, was awarded a Fulbright scholarship in 1984. Francophone studies and a senior thesis on independent fieldwork conducted in Martinique led to Ms. Carnine's enrollment in the Université Laval in Quebec City and a four-year French advanced level teaching position at a college preparatory high school in California's Bay Area.

Ms. Carnine has led academic programs in Canada's Arctic Circle, China, Tibet, India, and Mexico, as well as several language immersion trips in France. Her master's work, completed at Long Island University in 2000, focused on experiential, cross-cultural educational experiences facilitated by technology. From 1998 to 2001, she was the director of Long Island University's overseas study program in Hangzhou, China, where she facilitated intensive Mandarin Chinese immersion language courses and advised students on their independent field-based research. Currently a doctoral candidate at Université de Toulouse, her thesis compares French, Chinese, and US study abroad experiences in terms of social network development and national identity. She has worked with the SIT program in Toulouse since 2002.

Mr. Eric Créma, Lecturer on French history, colonial history, and the architecture of Toulouse

Lecturers for this program typically include:

Mr. Eric Créma, Lecturer on French History, Colonial History, and the Architecture of Toulouse

Mr. Créma received his master's degree in American literature from the Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail and has taught English at various higher education institutions in and around Toulouse as well as on the French island of La Réunion. He has taught at several American universities including Dickinson College, Austin University, and Saint Francis University. He also has worked as an assistant professor and pedagogical director of French language programs in Scotland. Mr. Créma specializes in medieval studies and is currently focused on symbolism in religious architecture. Additionally, he holds a diploma as guide and interpreter from the French Ministry of Tourism. A French citizen currently living in Toulouse, Mr. Créma has been working for SIT’s program in Toulouse since 1998.

Ms. Marie Claude Lutrand, Lecturer on religion in Europe and Islam in France

Ms. Marie Claude Lutrand, Lecturer on Religion in Europe and Islam in France
Ms. Marie Claude Lutrand completed her PhD in sociology at the Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail in 1988. She is the author of the book Au delà du voile based on her research of veiled women in Iran. A specialist in comparative religion, Ms. Lutrand is a lecturer in the Sociology Department of Le Mirail Université and Institut de Science et Théologie des Religions (ISTR) as well as in the Philosophy Department of Institut Catholique in Toulouse. She also works as a consultant in the private sector on intercultural relations. Ms. Lutrand has presented in conferences throughout France and Europe (including in Slovenia for SIT in June 2008 on the theme “Inclusion and Exclusion in and on the Borders of Europe”) as well as in Iran. She is a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Sociology of the University of Isfahan in Iran.

Mr. Eugene Nkonge, Lecturer on Françafrique French and African relations

Mr. Eugene Nkonge, Lecturer on Françafrique French and African Relations
Mr. Eugene Nkonge is from Cameroon and is a French citizen. He holds a PhD in sociology from Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail and is currently a consultant in the private sector working with African-based French companies and entrepreneurs. A longtime advocate for more egalitarian relations with former colonies in Africa, Mr. Nkonge is also very active with several nonprofits. A former SIT homestay family host and Community Service Project advisor, Mr. Nkonge began teaching for SIT in 2010.

Ms. Laure Teuliers, Lecturer on Immigration in France: Historical and Current Perspectives
Ms. Laure Teuliers is a full professor at Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail. She completed her doctorate in history in 1997 and postdoctoral work in 2006 at Centre National de la Rechcherche en Sciences (CNRS). In addition to editing the journal Diasporas, Histoire et Sociètés, she is currently preparing conferences in England and Paris funded by European grants such as ERASMUS and Cité National de l’histoire de L’Immigration, respectively. A French national, she specializes in immigration studies particularly as it pertains to memory. Professor Teulieres is widely published in Europe for her work on visual representations of memory and memorials, women in immigration, Italian immigration, and immigration agricultural communities. She began working with SIT in 2010.

M. Michel Mathe, Lecturer on Cultures Urbaines Focusing on Hip Hop Culture in France and Toulouse since the 1980s
M. Michel Mathe is a musician, writer, and playwright and has published more than 10 works at major French publishing houses. He has led many workshops on French youth culture and hip hop both in France and abroad. He is also the chief musical event organizer for Toulouse City Hall. As an artist and municipal liaison, Mr. Mathe has the unique ability to share his knowledge of hip hop origins in their social and intercultural contexts as well as highlight which artists are strongly impacting today's hip hop scene. He began working with SIT in 2005.

Ms. Marie-Hélène Ulla, Lecturer on Economics and French Society Focusing on the Strengths and Weaknesses of the French Economy and the Specificities of France’s Mixed Liberal and Social Economy
Ms. Ulla received her agrégation (high-level national competitive examination for teachers) in social sciences in 1991 and in social and economic sciences in 1992. She teaches economics in high school and also works to prepare French students in the region for the highly selective university entrance exams in the areas of government and economics. She has constantly developed her pedagogical skills by following training sessions on teaching strategies and measurements of students’ acquisitions. In 2011 she ran a seminar at Toulouse Mirail University on national economic policies within the EU. She began working with SIT in the fall of 2010.

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Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Toulouse

Language Study: French

Prerequisites: 1 semester of French or 2 semesters of another Romance language, as assessed by SIT. Read more...


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