Madagascar: Traditional Medicine and Healthcare Systems (Summer)

Educational Excursions

Please note that in order to take advantage of dynamic learning opportunities, program excursions may occasionally vary.

“It was during the hike to Kingory when I realized that the knowledge I have gained on this program could not have been obtained anywhere else. The lecturers we had, the places we saw, and the staff members that I had at my disposal to query all provided unique learning opportunities that I had never experienced before.”

—Ellie Shetter, American University

Students listening to a traditional medicine vendor at the market in Antananarivo

At every step of the program, students examine current healthcare models and debate the social and political dimensions of healthcare delivery; this is achieved through thoughtful and sustained engagement with Malagasy values and perspectives in both rural and urban settings.

Sample excursions may include visits to:

  • Rural and urban allopathic healthcare centers
  • Local herbalist markets
  • The University of Antananarivo Faculty of Science's Pharmacology Department
  • IMRA (Institut Malgache de Recherche Appliqué), a traditional medicine research center
  • SoTraMEx (Societé de Transformation Malgache et d'Exportation)

Educational excursions provide students with deeper insight into the many facets of healthcare delivery in Madagascar.  These include: the relationship between cultural beliefs and health delivery; national health policies and their implementation via existing government structures such as ministries and schools; nutrition and sanitation challenges; and the proliferation of non-formal education mechanisms (such as folk tales, stories, and taboos) in healthcare practices.

Costs Dates

Credits: 9

Duration: 7 weeks

Program Base: Antananarivo

Language Study: Malagasy

Prerequisites: None, although students with a background in French will have many opportunities to use their French language skills. Read more...


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