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Sample SIT Custom Models

SIT can partner with you to design and implement a program incorporating the characteristics and components you seek.  Listed below are just a few custom models (list not exhaustive).


Students working with children in Chile

SIT Custom Programs will work with you to design a program with your faculty, your courses, and your learning outcomes in a wide array of disciplines.

SIT can provide full-time international staff, offices, and institutional partnerships in country. SIT will work with your faculty director or study abroad office to identify the resources you need: language and content course instruction, relevant site visits and excursions, homestays with local families, and full-time, round-the-clock student affairs services and faculty support. SIT provides risk management strategies and the infrastructure to run your programs in the complex legal environment of international study.


Consortial custom programs can be an excellent fit for institutions looking to share resources in program offerings. SIT can meet the needs of diverse consortia both formal and informal. Programs can incorporate intensive language instruction, interdisciplinary seminars, field methods, internships, and other components. The curriculum can be delivered by SIT faculty or by consortium member faculty.

Review the SIT/Hendrix College Rwanda Consortium: Semester Study Abroad Program

First-year/Spring Admissions

SIT provides semester programs for your first-year students that complement your institution’s curriculum. SIT faculty can provide language instruction, general education required courses, service learning projects, and other options.

By offering first-year international study opportunities, your campus can add a competitive advantage to matriculation. Students gain immersive, intercultural experience early in their college career and return to campus as resources to peers and are able to make meaningful contributions to their classes and student organizations.

Civic Engagement

SIT develops custom programs that foster students’ civic engagement through service learning. SIT civic engagement programs incorporate volunteer work with social services, schools, environmental groups, and grassroots civic organizations.

Students learn by doing and benefit from making an impact within a cross-cultural context.  Custom service-learning programs typically provide language training and cultural orientation seminars as well as homestays with local families to ensure that students can actively participate in the community. Placements in local organizations and agencies are matched to students’ interests and often provide opportunities for field research. Home institutions identify learning components that can earn credit on campus or criteria that fulfill an academic practicum.

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