Jordan: Modernization and Social Change


The program’s thematic seminar introduces key aspects of modernization and social change in Jordan. Lectures and excursions introduce students to the history and politics of Jordan, the rapid transformation of land and technology, shifting identities and roles within Jordanian culture, modernity and gender questions, economic and social development practices and regulations, immigration, media, and religion. The language course accommodates any level of Arabic language ability, and the course includes a focus on the Jordanian colloquial dialect.

The following syllabi are either from a recent session of this program or for an upcoming session. Because courses develop and change over time to take advantage of dynamic learning opportunities, actual course content will vary from term to term.

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Modernization and Social Change - syllabus (PDF)
(MDES 3000 / 3 credits / 45 class hours)
An interdisciplinary course conducted in English, with required readings, examining the major national and international forces shaping contemporary Jordan, including the rapid transformation of land and technology, shifting identities and gender roles, economic and social development practices and regulations, immigration, youth, media, and religion. Resources utilized in the delivery of course content include the University of Jordan, Yarmouk University, the Ministry of Social Development, and the Ministry of Political Development.

Intensive Language Study: Beginning Modern Standard Arabic- syllabus (PDF)
(ARAB 1000–1500 / 6 credits / 90 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic - syllabus (PDF)
(ARAB 2000–2500 / 6 credits, 90 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: Intermediate High/Advanced Modern Standard Arabic - syllabus (PDF)
(ARAB 3000–3500 / 6 credits, 90 class hours)
Emphasis on speaking, reading, and writing skills in Modern Standard Arabic through classroom and field instruction. Students are placed in intensive beginning, intermediate, or advanced classes based on in-country evaluation, including oral proficiency testing. There is further language practice in homestays and field visits. A component on Jordanian Colloquial Arabic is also part of the course.

Research Methods and Ethics - syllabus (PDF)
(ANTH 3500 / 3 credits / 45 class hours)
A qualitative research design course designed to provide an overview of methodological field study approaches within the local cultural context, affording students the tools necessary to conduct field research in Jordan. This course not only introduces field-based research skills (such as interviewing, and participant and non-participant observation), but also strengthens students’ cultural awareness through exercises and discussions about student positionality and the ethics of field work in Jordan. Research ethics and the Human Subjects Review process form a core component of the course. The dual focus on research methods and ethics prepares students for successful completion of primary field research in Jordan for the Independent Study Project.

Independent Study Project - syllabus (PDF)
(ISPR 3000 / 4 credits / 120 class hours)
Conducted in Amman or another approved location in Jordan appropriate to the project. Sample topic areas: the Jordanian political system; Jordan’s foreign policy; state power and the regulation of Islam; gender and forms of sexual expression; Jordan and the Gulf Corporation Council; political power of tribes; social change through modern art; the Christian population in Amman; nationalism in Jordan; women’s participation in Jordanian civil society; Islam and state discourses on development; nongovernmental organization and donor interaction in Jordan; freedom of expression in the Jordanian press; relationships among Jordanian youth.

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Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Amman

Language Study: Arabic

Prerequisites: None

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