Ireland: Transformation of Social and Political Conflict


None. Coursework in and/or personal commitment to peace and conflict studies is strongly recommended.

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The Ireland program consciously uses cultural setting, physical environment, and the student learning community to explore conflict studies. Through a mix of experiential and academic offerings in different parts of Ireland, North and South, students develop an understanding of the actual complexities of conflict.  The SIT Dublin classroom is set in an inner-city neighborhood, which forms the hub for case studies, including a focus on issues such as poverty, inequality, and racism. Exercises and interviews with diverse organizations challenge students to interact with their environment. An applied conflict studies approach to community building and group dynamics is tested throughout the semester. Students are asked to examine their relationships with each other, with their surroundings, and with those they have met in the program in Ireland.

The foundational thematic seminars offer theoretical knowledge, cultural context and examples, and practical skill building. Students review current theories of conflict and relevant frameworks and integrate these theories into discussion of experiences and group dynamics.  Additionally, students examine social conflict, socio-economic issues, and structural violence and also use the historical roots and politics of the conflict in Northern Ireland as a case study in conflict and transformation.

The following syllabi are either from a recent session of this program or for an upcoming session. Because courses develop and change over time to take advantage of dynamic learning opportunities, actual course content will vary from term to term.

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Theory and Practice of Conflict Transformation - syllabus (PDF)
(PEAC 3005 / 4 credits / 60 class hours)
An interdisciplinary course that introduces students to current theoretical models of conflict studies and provides the experience needed to understand the challenges involved in applying theoretical models. The course makes use of the dual context of the program to generate an understanding of the persistence of structural and cultural violence in two distinct political realities: the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which has recently emerged from political violence. Through lectures, workshops, and field trips throughout the island, students explore the application of theories to different social and political contexts. The case-study approach generates an understanding of the interrelatedness of violence, and of the experiences underlying peacebuilding, reconciliation, transitional justice, truth recovery, and alternatives to violence

Irish Social and Political Movements - syllabus (PDF)
(PEAC 3000 / 4 credits / 60 class hours)
An interdisciplinary course that addresses issues of social inequality and exclusion in two distinct political and social realities: the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which has recently emerged from political violence. The course provides a comprehensive historical overview illustrating the movements through Irish history, from colonization to independence, and traces the development of social and political violence in Northern Ireland.

Research Methods and Ethics - syllabus (PDF)
(ANTH 3500 / 4 credits / 60 class hours)
This course provides the theoretical, conceptual, and practical tools for conducting field research in Ireland. In particular, it provides the means to identify and carry out an independent field-based Independent Study Project utilizing the human and physical resources available in Ireland. Emphasis is placed on identifying and analyzing cultural biases and on recording, interpreting, and analyzing information from primary sources. The concepts and skills developed in the seminar underlie and reinforce all other program components.

Independent Study Project - syllabus (PDF)
(ISPR 3000 / 4 credits / 120 class hours)
The culmination of the program, the Independent Study Project (ISP) provides the student with the opportunity to undertake an in-depth study of a particular social or political issue in Ireland. During the ISP, students directly apply the concepts and skills developed in the Research Methods and Ethics course. The seminars in Conflict Transformation and in Social and Political Movements for Change provide the intellectual background necessary for the successful completion of an ISP in Ireland. The ISP is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to conduct original, independent research; undertake an internship; or produce a piece of creative work related to conflict.

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Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Dublin

Prerequisites: None. Coursework in and/or personal commitment to peace and conflict studies is strongly recommended. Read more...


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