France: Language, Community, and Social Change


One semester of French or two semesters of another Romance language, as assessed by SIT.

The interdisciplinary coursework in the France: Language, Community, and Social Change study abroad program exposes students to the complexity of the contemporary Francophone world. Students examine the theme of diverse cultures within France and tensions between various religious, political, and ethnic groups throughout France's history. These course descriptions can be useful for students, faculty, and study abroad offices in assessing credit transfer. Learn more about credit transfer.

Community and Social Change Seminar - syllabus (PDF)
(EURO 3000 / 4 credits / 60 class hours)
The Community and Social Change Seminar is designed to provide firsthand academic and experiential knowledge about contemporary French society and the societal changes the country has recently undergone regarding its diverse communities. Students discover, explore, and discuss the complex issues France is currently confronted with as a result of a long history of conflicts, followed by modern waves of highly centralized governments and a growing plea from its ethnic minorities for recognition of their status. On the excursion to Tunisia, students will also have an opportunity to discuss the role community service plays in the development of civil society.

Community Service Project - syllabus (PDF)
(PRAC 3000 / 4 credits / 60 class hours)
A successful CSP aims to expand language immersion and community involvement while giving back to the host community. Once on site, students will receive a CSP proposal from the academic director based on information provided on the student’s SIT application and an interview conducted during orientation. Students will have weekly or bi-weekly assignments to keep their chosen course of study/service on track. The culmination of the CSP is a seven- to ten-page paper and an oral presentation, both in the target language. The primary student learning outcomes are (1) time dedicated to service to the community; (2) learning and debriefing from the profound lessons from that experience; and (3) increased language proficiency in French, developed through ongoing interaction with a community through service and exploration.

Intensive Language Study: French I - syllabus (PDF)
(FREN 1500 / 4 credits / 72 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: French II - syllabus (PDF)
(FREN 2000 / 4 credits / 72 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: French III - syllabus (PDF)
(FREN 2500 / 4 credits / 72 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: French IV - syllabus (PDF)
(FREN 3000/ 4 credits / 72 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: French V - syllabus (PDF)
(FREN 3500 / 4 credits / 72 class hours)

Note: Students take two intensive French courses (granting 4 credits each) for a total of eight language credits.

Students take 144 hours of French classes at Institut Catholique (IC) in two 72-hour intensive sessions (4 weeks each). After being tested upon arrival, students are placed in groups corresponding to their respective levels together with other foreign students. After the completion of the first session and grades are assigned, students are tested again and placed in a subsequent class that matches the level of demonstrated proficiency.

Placement is based on in-country evaluation, including oral proficiency testing. Further language practice occurs in homestays, seminars, and field visits.  

Costs Dates

Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: France, Toulouse

Language Study: French

Prerequisites: One semester French or 2 semesters of another Romance language Read more...

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