Brazil: Sports, Youth, and Social Justice (Summer)


The 2014 World Cup games in Fortaleza, Brazil, offer students a unique setting in which to study the intersection of sports, youth culture, and social justice in Brazil. Against this backdrop, students will increase their knowledge through two courses: the thematic course Soccer, Youth, and Social Justice and intensive language study in Portuguese.

Actual course content may vary somewhat from year to year to take advantage of dynamic learning opportunities. Syllabi can be useful for students, faculty, and study abroad offices in assessing credit transfer. Read more about credit transfer.

Soccer, Youth, and Social Justice - syllabus (PDF)
(LACB 3000 / 3 credits / 45 class hours)
While Brazilians engage in many types of sports, soccer is the national sport and the focus of attention as the World Cup games take place in Brazil this summer. In this core seminar, students explore the potential relationship between sports and social justice for Brazilian youth. As NGOs, schools, and the state have searched for strategies to engage youth in the construction of a more just society, sports has emerged as one particularly promising area in which to work. To contextualize this study, students will first learn about struggles for social equity and the fight against diverse forms of oppression in Brazil. In particular, they will inquire into the socioeconomic realities of young people in Brazil in general and in Fortaleza in particular. Students will study the role of soccer in the Brazilian imagination and focus on how youths are thinking about the 2014 World Cup games. What do the games represent? How do young sports fans and soccer players think about the professional players and the clubs, the media presentation of these events, and the social and economic impact in Fortaleza, home to several matches? How can sports provide a way for young soccer players and fans to work on social justice issues? This seminar will provide the intellectual frame for the program and allow students to think deeply about the power and potential of sports in the movement for social change.

Intensive Language Study: Portuguese I - syllabus (PDF)
(PORT 1000 / 3 credits /45 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: Portuguese II- syllabus (PDF)
(PORT 1500 / 3 credits /45 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: Portuguese III- syllabus (PDF)
(PORT 2000 / 3 credits /45 class hours)
Emphasis on speaking and comprehension skills through classroom and field instruction. Based on in-country evaluation, including oral proficiency testing, students are placed in beginning or intermediate classes.

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Credits: 6

Duration: 6 weeks

Program Base: Fortaleza

Language Study: Portuguese

Prerequisites: None

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