Spain: Language, Community, and Social Change


One college semester of Spanish or the equivalent as assessed by SIT.

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Designed for advanced beginners to low advanced Spanish students, this program combines intensive language study with a focus on Spain’s society through a thematic seminar focused on social change and immersion in the host community through a community service project.

The following syllabi are either from a recent session of this program or for an upcoming session. Because courses develop and change over time to take advantage of dynamic learning opportunities, actual course content may vary from term to term.

The syllabi can be useful for students, faculty, and study abroad offices in assessing credit transfer. Read more about credit transfer.

Intensive Language Study: Spanish Level I - syllabus (PDF)
SPAN 1500 (4 credits / 60 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: Spanish Level II - syllabus (PDF)
SPAN 2000 (4 credits / 60 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: Spanish Level III - syllabus (PDF)
SPAN 2500 (4 credits / 60 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: Spanish Level IV - syllabus (PDF)
SPAN 3000 (4 credits / 60 class hours)
Intensive Language Study: Spanish Level V - syllabus (PDF)
SPAN 3500 (4 credits / 60 class hours)
Advanced Conversation and Composition - syllabus (PDF)
GSIN 4000 (4 credits / 60 class hours)

Note: Students take two intensive Spanish courses (granting 4 credits each) for a total of eight language credits.
Students are completely immersed in Spanish. Emphasis is on field-based instruction, which enables students to become functional in the host community and gain the linguistic instruments necessary to carry out academic work in the target language. Spanish classes rely heavily on student involvement and inquiry as a way of developing their responsibility in the language learning process. Formal instruction focuses on linking classroom instruction with the informal language learning that takes place in the students’ extensive involvement with the community, academic work, and daily functioning in the host culture.

The course includes class work, community-based experiences, supplementary readings, and audiovisual and media sources. Classes incorporate further language practice, which occurs in homestays, seminars, service, and field activities.

Language placement is based on in-country evaluation, including oral proficiency testing.

Community and Social Change Course - syllabus (PDF)
EURO 3000 (4 credits / 60 class hours)
An interdisciplinary course conducted in Spanish, with required readings, examining the primary political, social, and cultural forces shaping contemporary Spain in the context of the country’s turbulent history, growing diversity,  integration within the European Union, and recent economic challenges. Students explore the main challenges facing Spanish society in its struggle to find its role in the international community. Lecturers are drawn from the University of Granada, government agencies, local NGOs, and experts from the community. This course generally includes the following topics:

  • Cultural legacies and Andalusian identity
  • Debates in social policy 
  • Spain's politics and political actors
  • Immigration and integration

Community Service Project - syllabus (PDF)
PRAC 3000 (4 credits / 60 class hours)
This course enables students to expand language immersion and community involvement while working in a reciprocity project in the community. It is a core component of the program and is an integral part of the overall Spanish language learning. Students strengthen their language, social, and field research skills while functioning in a work setting.

Students practice conversation skills through volunteer service and/or by participating in a community group or study related to the program theme. Examples include tutoring at a school, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or assisting in environmental or sport activities. Students must complete a final oral presentation and submit a 10- to 12- page written paper in Spanish on their project.

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Credits: 16

Duration: 15 weeks

Program Base: Spain, Granada

Language Study: Spanish

Prerequisites: One semester Spanish.

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