After Applying


Review Process

The admissions committee reviews complete applications in batches by program, until the program is full and a waiting list has been created. Applications will only be reviewed after the opening date, once the application is complete.

The admissions committee makes every effort to review complete applications within a three-week window, unless further follow-up is required. Some programs require interviews as part of the formal admissions process. If required, interviews will be scheduled once the application is complete. If additional review time is needed, the committee will communicate with the student and the student’s home institution to keep all parties advised.

Second Choice Programs

If for some reason your first-choice program is not available, we will work with you to identify a second-choice program. In most cases, students will only need to submit select additional materials – you will not be asked to reapply. You may write a second-choice program on your application, but SIT Study Abroad will contact you before changing your program affiliation; second choices will not automatically be considered.

Next Steps

Once you have been accepted, there are still a number of steps before you will be able to participate in the program, including the medical, billing, and visa processes. For the majority of programs, by the time an offer of admission is extended, you will have received pre-departure materials specific to your program, including health and safety advisories, country and cultural information, and packing guidelines.

After sending in your confirmation materials, you will receive the following information prior to your departure:

  • Visa instructions, if applicable
  • A letter from your academic director and/or program directors, in-country coordinators, and/or trustees fellow, outlining more specific information about the program. (The letter should arrive four–six weeks before the program start date.)
  • A list of the other students in your group, which will include email addresses. This allows you to contact other students prior to the start of your program. (This information should arrive two–four weeks before the program start date.)


Appeals Process

Students who have been denied admission to SIT Study Abroad may appeal the decision by sending a letter to the director of admissions within 10 days of notification. Appeals Policy (PDF).