Admitted Students

Each program has a set of predeparture documents including: travel documents; country overview; packing guidelines; health, safety and security; readings, resources and assignments. Students should read over all materials carefully, and share them with others. Students with questions should consult a SIT Study Abroad Admissions Counselor for more information.

Students should also read through the SIT Study Abroad student handbook (PDF), as well as general health and safety information provided on this website. 

Students also receive a letter from the Academic Director(s) of the program, introducing themselves and outlining program expectations.  This letter includes a tentative itinerary, subject to change during the term.

Prior to the program start, students will receive a list of group members.  This information is made available once all students on the program have fully completed all aspects of program preparation.

SIT Study Abroad strongly encourages students to consult other sources in addition to SIT Study Abroad materials, to learn as much about the location and theme of their program as possible. For additional resources relevant to a specific program, please see the readings, resources and assignments predeparture document.

View additional resources for health and safety information.