Post-Conflict Transformation

Protest and celebration. Nicaragua: Revolution, Transformation, and Civil Society

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SIT Study Abroad programs in post-conflict transformation explore the historical, geo-political, and social dimensions of contemporary conflicts, as well as the present-day realities facing post-conflict societies. Students examine theories of conflict and conflict transformation and also the changing foci of conflict studies in relation to factors such as economic development, immigration, and public policy.

Topics of inquiry include:

  • Historical roots of conflict
  • Structural violence and the state
  • Mediation and negotiation techniques
  • Identity politics and the peace process
  • Reconciliation and development
  • Nation-building and citizenship

Grounded in each program's distinct geographical and cultural context, students can choose to explore subjects such as the anthropological and cultural composition of South African society; ongoing efforts in fostering peace, unity, and reconciliation in Rwanda; and post-socialist transformation in the Balkans.