Development, Urban Studies, and Entrepreneurship

Urban and Rural. Cameroon: Social Pluralism and Development

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SIT Study Abroad programs in development, urban studies, and entrepreneurship examine current concepts and debates in international development and consider how a host of factors—both internal and global— contribute to economic and social development patterns in the host country. Students are challenged to consider the interrelated issues that determine the sustainability of development efforts aimed at different sectors and groups.

Students gain extensive exposure to vital issues in the development field such as:

  • Social entrepreneurship and civil society development
  • Grassroots development and social change
  • International and regional trade agreements
  • Formal and non-formal training
  • Paradigms of international development practice
  • Geography, resource use, and market accessibility
  • Development in relation to race, ethnicity, gender, and child labor
  • Appropriate technology and resource allocation
  • Gender gaps and development
  • Microfinance and entrepreneurship
  • Governance and regulatory frameworks

With programs in multiple regions, SIT participants study a wide array of subjects in diverse locations. These include shifts in public policy to achieve alternative development paradigms in Chile; emerging patterns of social entrepreneurship in Nepal; social change and social justice in India; and localized agricultural and artist cooperatives in Uganda.