About SIT/World Learning

SIT Study Abroad programs foster academic rigor, intensive cultural immersion, substantial community involvement, and an emphasis on field-based research.

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SIT has provided programs for undergraduate students for approximately 50 years and currently offers nearly 70 programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as comparative programs in multiple locations.

SIT students step beyond the boundaries of a traditional classroom to analyze critical issues shaping local communities around the globe. Students become deeply engaged in a topic and undertake their own research, case studies, in-depth practica, and/or community projects. Students enjoy unparalleled access to local, national, and international networks and are encouraged to treat every experience as a learning opportunity. In doing so, students often discover a lifelong passion that can lead to successive academic and professional achievements.

SIT Study Abroad is deeply embedded in local communities around the world. SIT programs are designed to respect the strengths and knowledge of local partners.

SIT Study Abroad and World Learning

Photo of World Learning / SIT Campus from the air

SIT Study Abroad is a program of World Learning, a private, nonprofit international organization. World Learning empowers people and strengthens institutions through education, exchange, and development programs.

In addition to SIT Study Abroad, World Learning operates the following programs:

  • SIT Graduate Institute offers internationally focused master’s degrees, certificates, and professional development programs in the fields of peacebuilding and conflict transformation, international education, sustainable development, and TESOL. Founded nearly 50 years ago, SIT Graduate Institute’s flexible full-time and low-residency programs are based on an experiential learning model and a commitment to social justice and intercultural communication.
  • The Experiment in International Living offers three- to five-week summer programs that immerse high school students in other cultures and languages through engaging experiential activities in countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Experimenters explore different cultures through the arts, travel, language training, homestays, community service, peace studies, and ecology.
  • World Learning International Development Programs
    World Learning’s International Development Programs prepare communities to address critical issues, such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, marginalization, the global education crisis, and the need for government accountability.
  • World Learning International Exchange Programs
    World Learning’s International Exchanges bring emerging leaders from 140 countries annually to the US for academic, professional, and cultural exchanges.