Student Insurance

SIT Study Abroad automatically purchases accident, health, and repatriation insurance for all participants. Students may elect to maintain their own health insurance policies in addition to the SIT insurance or to purchase additional insurance if they choose. Check with your health insurance company or home school for details.

All Programs

The SIT Study Abroad program fee includes health insurance designed to cover the cost of medical care necessitated by sickness or accidents that occur during the official program period (including one day before and one day after the conclusion of the program). The insurance is in effect even when treatment occurs after these dates, subject to the terms of coverage. In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, the highest quality medical care will be arranged, subject to the terms of the coverage. If necessary, the coverage facilitates medical evacuation of students from the country.

For details about this insurance coverage, read the Description of Coverage (PDF).
For details about this insurance coverage for our Switzerland programs, read the Description of Coverage (PDF).

SIT’s insurance coverage includes access to a 24-hour emergency assistance network. This multilingual service can help locate medical treatment and coordinate with doctors and hospitals, while confirming health insurance coverage and arranging settlement of bills. It can also help on legal matters, emergency medical evacuation, replacement of stolen passports or tickets, and other general assistance.

All students should print the insurance ID Card (PDF) and carry a copy with them at all times. Other copies should be stored in a safe place, and SIT Study Abroad recommends leaving a copy with someone at home.

In Case of an Emergency

If you are in need of these services, contact:

ACE USA Travel ASSISTance Services®

Toll-free from within the US and Canada: 1 855 327-1414
Outside the US or Canada, call direct or collect:630 694-9764

There is 24-hour, seven-days-a-week coverage. Identify yourself with policy number GLMN04965607, or mention World Learning.

Filing a Health Insurance Claim

If you need to make a claim on the SIT-provided health insurance policy, you may use the Insurance Claim Form (PDF). For questions about claims contact:

Administrative Concepts, Inc.
994 Old Eagle School Road
Suite 1005
Wayne, PA 19087-1802

The policy number is GLMN04965607.

Baggage Insurance

SIT also provides baggage insurance.  If you need to make a claim for lost or stolen personal effects please use the Baggage Insurance Claim Form.